Apricot Pistachio Scones

scones quick easy

Every day before work normally I grab a cup of coffee from Starbucks. I don’t always get the same thing but my usual is a grande pike with room for some nonfat milk. While on line I spend this time to catch up on texts, emails and random pinterest posts. My eyes always roam over to check out the pastry […]

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Peach Upside Down

peach upside down cake

  When I was a little girl my parents would take me to the farmer’s market a few counties away and we would shop around for local fruits and veggies. Mom would grab the peaches and bring them home and let them ripen on the counter or on top of the fridge. Now, as an adult I feel like I […]

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Lemon Ginger Poached Apricots

poached apricots and greek yogurt

Before working in the restaurant industry I never had an appreciation for fruit as much as I do now. Apricots are one of the most underappreciated fruit. When people think of stone fruit or summer fruit apricots are left out of the party. This past week they were on sale at my local supermarket and I decided to get a […]

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End of an Era


It is never easy to say goodbye to a restaurant family. For the past year I’ve worked with amazing, talented and generous group of people. As the fall season winds down so does our place, for good. I’m forever grateful for the amount of knowledge i was given this past year as well as a boost in my self confidence. […]

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Jack N Coke Cupcakes Y’all


A quick shout out to this blogger Leslie for her yummy jack and coke cupcakes! Made this for a family friend’s birthday last weekend and they were a huge hit. Warning they are boozy! Definitely not kid friendly but fun for adults.Thank you @ Stressbaking.com for a great recipe! Click the link to check it out!

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Rustic Cherry Pie


The summer is here and nothing is more American summer than a cherry pie. I personally am not a pie lover but a beautiful pie made with love is without a doubt mouthwatering. Over the Fourth of July weekend I really wanted something special to bring to a friend’s BBQ and pie was the first thing I pictured. The best […]

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